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GPX File
We have created a GPX file containing Waypoints with all cells that currently has geographic information.
You can download this file and drop it on a running "Google Earth", you can also open the file from inside Google Earth. Have fun!!!
We use this technology to validate and calibrate geographic data, and as you can probably see, some locations are wrong.
Please help us to update cell location information for the ones you know. But please also respect the copyright and do not use the file for other purposes.
When you run Google Earth, We recommend to set the Lat/Lon setting to 'Degrees' in the
'Tools' -> 'Options' -> 'View tab' -> Rendering, Google Earth will then use the same display format in lon/lat as CellSpotting does.
If you do not know what a gpx file is, GPX stand for 'GPS Exchange format', you can take a look here: TopoGrafix

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