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Welcome to download CellSpotting Client for your Phone

Nokia S60 3:rd edition Cellspotting_S60_3rd_edition

August 2007, We now have a Symbian signed CellSpotting application for S60, 3rd Edition.

It will work for most of the current S60 Phones such as the Nokia 5800 Music Express, N73, N90, E61, E65, N95 and more.
If you have a slightly older S60 phone, look further down for the 2:nd edition.
More on S60 phones, have a look at www.s60.com.
Feedback is appreciated.. Enjoy!

Sony Ericsson JP-7, JP-8 or later CellSpotting_SE Ver 1.0

Try the Cellspotting Client for newer Sony Ericsson phones with Java Platform 7.3. JP-7, JP-8 or later with firmware R1JC002 or later.
Phones with JP-7,JP-8 are: K530i, K550i, K660i, K610i, K618i, K770, K790i, K800i, K810, K850i, S500i, T650i, W580i, W610i, W660i, W710i, W830i, W850i, W880i, W888i ,W890i, W910i, Z310i, Z610i, Z750.
NOTE: Make sure you have recent software (R1JC002 or later).
How to upgrade, please check the "Sony Ericsson Update Service".
Go to www.sonyericsson.com, select your region and then click -> "Support" and then -> "Update Service".
Once you have the recent firmware installed on your phone, download and install CellSpotting_SE Ver 1.0 (jar file) or (jad file)

Nokia Series60 2:nd edition S60 2:nd edition Version 1.03

For Nokia Series60 2:nd edition such as: 3650, N-GAGE, 6630, 6600, 7610, N70, SX1, SendoX
Version 1.03 Here

Sony Ericsson UIQ3

We will not support the UIQ phones since UIQ went out of business.

More devices later on.

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