CellSpotting is a new software developed as a tracking solution for mobile devices. It is designed to get the precise location of any mobile phone using the individual’s mobile phone number. We made it simple and easy yet accurate and useful.

Our goal in developing this tracking tool is to help people who have misplaced their phones or got it stolen easily find their device. Somehow, we are also thinking of parents who are looking for their children to locate them using the device they have on hand, their mobile phones.

Cellspotting tracker app is very efficient and works through a unique GPS. It collects global satellite signals to pinpoint the exact location of a specific mobile phone device. The user will receive a map or geo-location data complete with navigation on how to reach the targeted mobile device.

Our app is compatible with all operating systems and can work not only on smartphones but on tablets and PC too. It can run on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. Cellspotting is easy to use, all you need is the mobile number, and it can track the location of any mobile device in minutes.

We understand the boundaries of one’s privacy as this tracker tool that we developed can be used in illegal means. We rest this responsibility to our users. However, there are many benefits of using this tracking tool if used with good intentions. It can be official, personal, or security-related.

We developed this tracker app with clear intentions – to help people accurately locate their mobile phone devices. Our hope is you do your part in using the tool.